One of the most alarming things as a dog owner is when they start showing behavioral problems. In some cases, owners who adopt dogs are often unaware of the dog’s usual habits and may think that their previous owner was at cause. But in some cases, this might not be the issue. In this article, we’re going to address some of the possible reasons your dog won’t drink water.

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Less Active

In many cases, dogs will reduce their water consumption when there’s a drop in activity or temperature. If you think that is the reason why your dog suddenly stopped drinking water, then there’s absolutely no need to panic. A drop in water consumption is perfectly normal in this case. However, if the dog stops drinking water for prolonged periods, that might be cause for worry. If your dog happens to go more than one day without drinking, then you should start to worry and consider seeing a vet.

Illness or Disease

In other cases, diseases might be at cause. Many health related issues can result in dogs being less inclined to drink water or stop drinking water entirely. Kidney disease and diabetes are two examples of illnesses that result in dogs drinking less water. Urinary tract infections and bladder infections will also have the effect of diminishing your dog’s thirst. If you think an illness is at the root of the problem, contact a vet immediately. And before you do, you should write down your dog’s usual drinking habits so that the vet can assess the situation better.

Unfamiliar Smells and Spaces

Dogs are creatures of habit and some react adversely to new environments and situations. If you just adopted a new dog, they might be showing an unusually low appetite or thirst. In some cases, just water that smells differently than what they’re used to might put them off. Dogs have an extremely sharp sense of smell, and even the smallest variation can affect their drinking habits.

One of the ways to make the water more appetizing is to take their favorite dog treats and dissolve one or two in the water. They will recognize the smell of the dog treat and associate the water with it. You can gradually reduce the amount until they’re used to their new environment.

Dogs can also be reluctant to drink outside water when you take them hiking or bring them out for exercise. If your dog shows that kind of behavior, bring a bottle of water from home, this will make it more familiar to him and he will be more likely to drink it.

More often than not, if your dog stops drinking water, there is no underlying issues. However, in some cases, a dog who doesn’t drink for prolonged periods of time may have developed some kind of health issue. If that’s the case, don’t hesitate to call a vet immediately and schedule an appointment if you want to prevent complications.


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