5 mistakes you could make when you’re exporting lambs

Buying ewe and lambs via online is not so easy as you may think especially if you don’t pay enough attention to some features during the session of buying. Also, this could be the first time when you export livestock, lack of experience could leave you with a bitter taste, but don’t worry. All you have to do is to take in consideration some aspects otherwise you could be really disappointed. Below you can find a list which shows you what mistakes you should avoid when you’re buying lambs, rams or ewes.

You didn’t check if the exporter can provide you all the registration & certificates required by your country. You need to bear in mind the traceability of the system. It’s essential to export livestock from a trustworthy company where all the identification numbers of the lambs are electronically stored and uploaded to National Sanitary for Food Safety. This could help you to track each of the lambs purchased back to its origin and this mean you’ll receive all the documents you need.

You are not concerned about the status of the health. Another important element to consider is to buy sheep with good conditions from a safe livestock exporter. There are lots of diseases for example scrapie. Another health issue could be internal or external parasites. In this situation, you’ll have to verify if all the blood analyses of the lambs are made according to the authority’s requirements of your country. More than that, it’s necessary to receive guarantees that sheep are vaccinated on a regular basis.

You don’t have enough information about the environment where the lambs and ewes are raised. It’s very important to buy from a farm which provides good conditions in order to develop their growing. Obviously, the lack of a quality environment could influence in a negative manner their growing.

You don’t know anything about the quality of their fodder. In the first place, the nutritional aspect is very important for livestock animals. An important fact should be the qualitative of fodder – it shouldn’t contain any additives or other chemical substances which would influence their development in an unfavourable way. For instance, Alfalfa, also called Lucerne, is the fundamental feed for the baby lambs and should contain lots of minerals, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, and vitamins such as C, D, E, and K.

You buy the cheapest animals livestock available on the market. Of course, that price plays a major part in the process of buying, but a good deal doesn’t mean necessarily buying live lambs with the lowest prices. Choose wisely the type of breeds you want to export, company while keeping in your mind that quality is often more important than the price. But that doesn’t mean either you’ll have to buy the most expensive sheep considering that the livestock animals have the most optimum quality on the market. You have the find an excellent ratio between quality and price. After all, everybody wants to make the best trade in business.


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