Tips for Great Urban Vacations

Do you have a vacation destination on your bucket list?  It’s always fun and adventurous to explore a new city. If New York, Washington DC , or Chicago are on your bucket list, you’re in for a treat. Follow these recommendations from the professional travel agents to ensure your trip is a raging success. One of the great things about visiting large cities is the people. Sometime just the experience of watching so many different people from different walks of life parading along the sidewalk exceeds the excitement of a theater ticket!

If you’re traveling by air to your large city of choice, consider your options before jumping into a taxi.  One of the most convenient transportation methods in larger cities is hourly car rentals. Check out the great deals offered by Groupon coupons and sign up to use the cars offered by Zipcar. Not only does this give you tremendous flexibility after arriving at the airport, it save the huge cost of renting a car that will most likely be parked for the better part of your visit.

Secure your accommodations well in advance. One of the options for accommodations that continues to gain in popularity is the rental of private apartments or condos directly from the owners. Check out the many websites that offer private apartment rentals in the city of your choice. Not only will you have the opportunity to avoid the cost of restaurant meals three times a day, but you’ll also have plenty of room to spread out and relax after a long day of sightseeing. Be sure to read the reviews of past visitors and connect directly with the owner either via email or phone before sending and money or deposits. Unfortunately, no online industry is immune to scammers.

Research the entertainment and dining options available prior to departure and purchase tickets and make reservations to ensure availability at your preferred time. Check the weather and pack appropriately.. You’ll most likely be spending the largest portion of your time outdoors and will want to be protected from the elements. Prepare for an awesome memory making adventure!


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