A dog can make a brilliant pet. In fact, many families see their canine friends as so much more than pets; they are members of the family. Many families with young children consider getting a dog as they can be great pals for the kids, fantastic sources of comfort and fun, and they can also help to teach children responsibility and compassion. However, before rushing into purchasing a dog it’s important to recognize that they do take some work. It’s exceptionally important that you do what you can to keep your pet healthy. For the love of your dog, the sake of your family, and to cut down the risk of expensive vets bills further down the line. If you are considering a dog, here are a few simple ways to make sure they stay fit and healthy for as long as possible.

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Walking your dog regularly not only gives them chance to do their business it also keeps them fit, healthy, and happy whilst boosting their circulation and stimulating blood flow and muscle growth. Regular exercise and walks will also stimulate your dog mentally and emotionally, improving their mood and preventing boredom. Trying to fit long walks in around other commitments can be tough, so draw up a schedule for the whole family.


Dogs love fuss and attention, so give it to them. It can be frustrating when a dog misbehaves, barks, or has an accident, but remember, puppies especially are very much like children. They need to learn. Shouting at them can frighten them and cause long-term problems.


Some dogs absolutely hate being groomed, whereas others love the attention. Either way, grooming and trimming their hair regularly can help to prevent ear and eye infections while also boosting their circulation and keeping their coat strong and shiny.


Different dogs have different dietary needs, so it’s a good idea to do your research and speak to your vet. But, remember dogs are very much like people when it comes to food; the occasional treat is great but they should generally eat a healthy and well-balanced diet.


Even with a healthy and balanced diet sometimes your dog needs more. Supplements such as Elk Velvet Antler supplements from Wapiti Labs can help support your dog’s immune system, liver, kidneys, joints, and hips, and are definitely worth considering.

Regular Checks

You should take your dog to the vets for regular check-ups and make sure they are up to date with all their routine immunizations. Outside of these check-ups, trust your instincts. You will get to know your dog and their behavior very quickly. If you think something is wrong, get it checked out as soon as you can.

Keeping your dog healthy doesn’t need to be difficult or time-consuming; just make these things part of your everyday routine. Remember, a fit dog is a happy dog and a happy dog will bring you and your family unimaginable love and joy for many years to come.


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