For Good Health of Animals, use spirulina!

Spirulina is well known for its many virtues on humans, so why not use it to treat our little companions? Often considered a superfood, spirulina is rich in protein, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. A perfect cocktail for our animal friends: Olympic form guaranteed!

Why Spirulina is good for our animals?

As for humans, spirulina can bring many benefits on many levels. First, it allows animals to obtain a shiny and silky hair thanks to the many vitamins it contains and its high content of carotenoids. These vitamins also help to maintain or regain strong vitality. Indeed, spirulina also naturally reinforces the immune defenses of our companions thanks to the many lipids and essential fatty acids that compose it. Finally, the many minerals and trace elements available in spirulina help to accelerate growth, to regulate the transit and to improve the functioning of the muscles and the nerves.

What kind of animals can spirulina be beneficial for?

Dogs, cats, horses, birds or rabbits all animals may need the benefits of spirulina. In case of convalescence, obesity or general fatigue, our animals can use spirulina to get a real boost. The average consumption of spirulina will vary according to the weight of the animal. For example, spirulina for dogs and cats of small size consume on average 3 grams per day ; those of large size will consume 5 grams per day. Animals needing to strengthen their coat or color may be required to consume Spirulina. Finally, in the case of horses for example, spirulina will be really beneficial to strengthen endurance and improve sports results.

So why not test the effectiveness of spirulina on our dear companions?

  • Testimony of a follower of spirulina for animals:

“My mare had severe repeated urticaria attacks for a long time … Despite many treatments and the consultation of different veterinarians, nothing could calm her crises. I was advised, as a last resort, a treatment based on spirulina. The results were impressive, two days after the first intake of spirulina, my mare had no buttons! Since then, she has never had a seizure and is in great shape. ”   Alice D.


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