The parrot is the only animal that has the power to speak different human languages.  As compared to many parrot species, the African grey parrot has the capabilities, they have high intelligence and ability to understand human language and mimic various sounds. They also have temper tantrums and need enough attention. It would start to pluck feathers if not provided full attention. Giving toys to the bird can eliminate feather plucking. To get the most of this parrot, you need to train them. Following are some tips for training a grey parrot.

Bonding with Your Parrot

Grey parrots are very temperamental so installing a proper cage from a pet shop will prevent them from taking flight. They mostly get attached to only one family member, so you should try to introduce your parrot to other members of the family as well. Try to spend at least one to two hours with the African Grey, it will make it easier for the bird to get used to the environment.

Try to treat them with their favorite foods when they obeys a command, this will encourage them to listen to you more. Trainer should do regular petting and handling to the parrot. Try to make them comfortable and relaxed. Avoid continuous handling because it may irritate your bird leading to bad behavior.

Training to Talk

The Grey parrot can imitate any sound. The parrots will start speaking when they turn one year old. It requires a lot of time, patience and efforts to teach a parrot. Make a strong bond with the parrot to make the parrot talk, pick some simple words initially as the bird will take time to understand and remember the words. Recall the words with some time lapse. Make sure the environment is quiet and speech is clear. Maintain eye contact with your bird to strengthen the bond between you and it. After your parrot masters one word, follow the same procedure and then train it the next word. Start teaching him phrases as it learns to master words.

Training Toilet Manners

Teach the bird to potty in the appropriate place like toilet or mud, or may be on the perch or in its cage. Teaching your bird some toilet manners is necessary to avoid a messy home. To train it, pick it up gently and then put it in the place where you have fixed the place to potty. Repeat this procedure until the parrot understands what you want him to do.

How to train your parrot not to bite

Initially you need to understand why the bird is biting while training. If it’s biting you because of fear, you need to find out what made it afraid and then avoid exposing your parrot to it. If your parrot bites you, calmly put it on the floor immediately and say no, in this case your parrot will feel insecure when it’s not off the ground. Repeat this procedure whenever it tries to bite you again.

Teaching to step-up

Teach the bird to settle on the hand by opening the cage and placing the hand near you bird and then keep saying “Step-up” until it tries to step-up. Always praise its effort by giving food treats. Continue the whole process until your birds get used to step on your hand or perch without saying step-up.


Pets Tutorial by Xohaib