The Positive Impact of Animal Shelters and Animal-related Charities in Canada

You may be surprised at how many animals are rescued and assisted each year by animal shelters and animal related charities in Canada. The 2015 Animal Shelter Statistics Report published by the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies (CFHS) reported that 47% of the 117,000 rescued cats and dogs were taken in as strays. Relative to the total shelter population, 57% of cats and 48% of dogs were successfully adopted. The second largest source of intake in 2015 for humane societies and SPCAs across Canada were animals surrendered by a guardian who could no longer care for them. And while it may seem small in comparison to the other sources of intake, 2.1% of animals came from an abusive situation with desperate need for help.

There are 170 humane societies and SPCA shelters in communities across Canada. One that is near and dear to my heart is the Toronto Humane Society. In 2015 alone, they helped more than 16,000 animals, increased animal intake by 8.6% and reduced the length of an animal’s stay by more than 60%.

Animal-aid organizations and charities work diligently across a number of key areas in order to safeguard their country’s animal population. Whether it’s awareness and prevention or social research, these groups are having a significant impact in the fight against animal homelessness and animal cruelty. The following summary is just a brief overview of the numerous groups helping to make the world a better place for these animals.

Awareness and Prevention

It is virtually impossible for individuals to help make their community a better place for their pets and abandoned animals if they don’t have the knowledge or resources they need to do so. The Animal Welfare Foundation of Canada makes it their goal to act as an information hub and comprehensive support base for animal lovers who are seeking to become more responsible, informed caretakers and stewards for their own pets and wayward animals alike.

Innovation places a key role in the Foundation’s service model. By seeking out new methods of community engagement and involvement, the Foundation is building powerful bridges between animal support services, pet owners and animal lovers alike. Based in Vancouver, the Animal Welfare Foundation of Canada addresses animal welfare issues in both large cities and underserved communities across the country.

Animal Support 

In the more remote areas of Canada, assisting animals in need can be quite difficult. Thankfully, a number of animal-aid organizations have risen to the challenge. Pilots N Paws Canada is one such group which breaks down barriers to animal assistance. Offering free transportation for shelters and rescue houses across the country, Pilots N Paws Canada provides much-needed, often live-saving, transport for injured animals in areas where it may be too slow or difficult to transport them using alternative means. The organization actively recruits pilots willing to participate through tax rebate incentives. Perks aside, however, Pilots N Paws Canada has no shortage of willing volunteers!

Legal Protection 

Although there are no shortage of laws protecting animals, it is an unfortunate reality that many of them remain unenforced. Animal Justice Canada has made it their goal to act as a legal advocate for abused, mistreated animals. Located in Toronto, Animal Justice Canada’s team of legal experts addresses not only crimes committed against domestic pets, but also animals raised for commercial purposes. There is, of course, no means for Animal Justice Canada to protect every threatened animal in Canada. That being said, these highly dedicated professionals are doing their best to bring animal abusers to justice in all regions of the country. Featuring a highly skilled team of legal professionals, Animal Justice Canada is making a name for itself as the country’s most impassioned team of animal defenders.

Caring for Animals and People, Every Step of the Way

As you can see, there is no shortage of individuals willing to go the extra mile for animals in Canada. It’s also important to remember just how much these animals can help humans. The Canadian Foundation for Animal-Assisted Support Services is a powerful example of an aid organization which connects vulnerable or impaired individuals with animals that can deliver an outstanding therapeutic experience.

The diverse collection of animal-aid organizations at work in Canada today is a strong signal to the rest of the world that Canadians are ready and willing to stand up for the most vulnerable in their society.

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